Never Take A Back Seat / Exodus - Single

by The Dirty Berkshire Gentlemen's Club

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released March 4, 2014

Written and performed by Bardgett/Barron/Carlton/Hood, collectively known as The Dirty Berkshire Gentlemen's Club



all rights reserved


The Dirty Berkshire Gentlemen's Club Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Formed in Newcastle in February 2012 and consists of four lads from Teesside. After a few bits of writing and playing around with acoustic melodies we went for our first full band practice. We expected generic indie, we got hard grunge rock that all of us have been influenced by. Foo Fighters meets Green Day meets At The Drive-In with blues melodies and the like. ... more

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Track Name: Never Take A Back Seat
Stand on a pier and tell me what you see
Wave beneath, wave beneath, stand still
Do I have to feel your pity?
Narcissa, dare you leave?

Was I wrong to ever doubt you, that which made me a man?
I'm not a man of your persuasion
You're not who I think I am

What you want, it isn't in chocolate dear
Bare knuckles, bear knuckles, scrawl love
Or drive away my lover
Rachel, why are you the victim?

And you can keep your tales of neglect
I was too busy sorting syringes
Am I the only one who saw just what you did?
Fucked up, that's par for the course

I never said I needed a break
I was to busy sorting syringes
But it was you that bollocksed me up just like you did
When I got out of my car at Aust

You're not who I think I am
I'm not who I think I am
Track Name: Exodus
She's my world, my lover at the gates of thought
The calm of the storm, in the centre of my heart
Spinning tops on the curdling milk of amnesia
Honestly, boys, you really should have seen her

I'm waiting for the southward-bound express back to my home
I had to leave this city, this city of bones
Hurt and heart, the alliteration of our lives
We had to leave this town behind

Oh love, to be hurt and gone
Gone from our past, what we could have won
Look of love, what have you done?
The death of me, it was meant to be fun

We rolled down the tracks with steam in your eyes
Many miles have passed, miles in the mind
You didn't just leave me, so why so shy?
Who's this child that you see? I might as well just die

Darjeeling love and summer's last laugh
I always told you I didn't do things by half
Now we're left here in the warm autumn sun
And I've nothing left to do but run